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Training Seminars

Today’s modern industrial operations are increasingly sensitive to power variations such as spikes, surges, transients, interruptions, sags and outages. This makes knowing the practical, economical ways to solve these problems a high priority for plant engineers, electricians and management.

The UPPI Power Quality Solutions two-day comprehensive course reviews the principles of industrial power protection and the role it plays in the manufacturing and process industry. You will learn the most efficient ways to solve real-world power problems.

Find out what is responsible for 99% of all plant interruptions...and how to fix it.

Learn what the “weak links” are in automated process controls that can bring down an entire system....and a low cost way to “bullet-proof” them.

See a new “Power Gauge” in action.

Experience hands-on service training with actual UPS, Power Conditioner, Battery-less Ride-Through Device and Power Disturbance Indicator products.

See how to determine if a power variation had anything to do with a machine malfunction or process interruption.

Learn about the varied applications of UPPI protection products.

Discuss Power Quality issues...markets....costs. 

Who should attend? 
The course will benefit anyone involved in the planning, engineering, maintenance or management of industrial facilities. Attendees include manufacturing engineers, electrical engineers, electricians, consultants, Power Value Added Resellers, power utility personnel, military and government personnel and public service commission members.

Seminars are scheduled quarterly. There is no fee for the course. Students are responsible for travel and hotel accommodations. A continental breakfast, working lunch and dinner are provided by UPPI. Class size is limited at fifteen students permitting ample one-on-one time for students to discus individual issues with our staff. The class stays together for meals and a “happy hour reception”, which stimulates interaction, more open discussions and sharing of ideas and experiences....a key to the success of this program.

Our Training Seminars are held at the UPPI Corporate Headquarters near Friendship, Wisconsin. 

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