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PDI - Power Disturbance Indicator

Patent Pending

There are gauges for air, hydraulics, speed, temperature and humidity. What about your AC power?

Ever had a machine with a glitch in its process control unit? Threw a monkey wrench in your plant operation, Right?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a gauge to check to see what really caused it to lose control?

Put a PDI on any machine that has been acting strange lately. See what happened the instant it failed. Before you start replacing parts, you will know if the PLC or Process Control unit was affected by some Power Disturbance...and you won't need an EE degree to figure it out!

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How it works...
The PDI samples voltage on up to three phases, 64 times every cycle (0.16) second), constantly updating a large LED display for each phase. Normal running voltage averages are calculated to determine a nominal reference voltage.
A yellow "SAG" LED lights and stays lit whenever voltage drops below 80% of the established normal voltage level during a half cycle.
When voltage drops below 50% of normal for one half cycle, a red "LOSS" LED lights up. Another red LED will be added for each 50% half cycle voltage loss.
A yellow LED lights whenever a "SPIKE" or "SURGE" occurs.
Push a reset button to start monitoring. A green LED lights until a power variation is detected. Each phase has it's own set of LED indicators.

Did you know?...
99% of all plant interruptions are the result of VOLTAGE SAGS, which last less than two tenths of a second. Lights don't have to flicker for a machine process control unit to hiccup. Over 60% of voltage sags involve only one phase. Two phases rarely sag at the same time.

The PDI helps uncover those susceptible "weak links" in the automated process control systems of today's modern industrial operations that cause:

Lockups Shutdowns Machine Malfunctions Slow Production Rates
Defective End Products Damaged Power Supplies/Control Boards Scrap & Rework

Now you can see if machine alarms occur at the same time you have a power disturbance. No Programming - No Computer interfacing -- just turn it on and push the button.

Easy Installation...
The PDI has two modules; a Viewing Display Module and a Power Connection Module. Both are normally attached. They can also be separated by up to 100 feet. 10' and 25' Interconnection Cable Assemblies are optional accessories, as well as custom lengths. A set of four, color-coded Safety Shroud Test Leads is included. Insulated alligator clamps on one end make power connections to machine or power source (main/sub-panel) convenient.

Voltage Sampling: 64 times every cycle. Updated every 100ms. 60Hz Voltage Range: 120-480VAC; single or three phase; wye or delta
Reset Button: Clears previous readings. New reading accumulate until next reset. LED's (Each phase has its own set of LED's)
Voltage LED: Large seven-segment display shows voltage present Green LED: No power problems on that phase. Extinguishes when problem occurs.
Yellow LED: Any Transient Spike/Surge exceeding 850V peak.* Yellow LED:SAG - Any 1/2 cycle deviation below 80% of reference voltage.*
Red LED: LOSS - Any 1/2 cycle deviation lower than 50% of reference voltage.*
Size: Each module is 8" x 8" x 4" deep. Combined: 8" x 16" x 4"
  Another Red segment lights for each additional half cycle loss up to ten. *Note: When these LED's light, they stay on until reset. Weight: 15 lbs.

PDI...The Plant Electrican Pros Best Friend

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